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How does the Winter Accountability Challenge work this year?


Choose a distance you would like to run by end of July 2021.

Options available:

- Beginner walk

- Advanced walk

- 5km

- 10km

- 21km

- 42km


You will also get:

- Weight-loss nutritional program

- Exercises to improve leg strength, core stability, stronger arms, runner's gluets, etc.

- Mobility exercises

- Foam rolling workouts

- Pilates classes and programs

- Running tips and advice to prevent running injuries and improved running performance

- Advice on running shoes, running watches and accessories

- Accountability sister (this is a person who is going to check up with you and hold you accountable to reach your goal at the end of July 2021)


You will get a monthly calendar with all the activities for each month (including a nutritional plan). You will get weekly exercises, running challenges, links to classes and programs to complete.


The challenge this year is bigger than ever and we cannot wait for you to see it all!! 😁😁


Let's get back on track and smash our goals this Winter 💪


Get reeeeaaaady... 🏃‍♀️ 🏋️‍♀️ 🍏

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Breast Cancer Awareness Run
Breast Cancer Awareness Run
Time is TBD
Online Event
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