Become a member

Membership benefits include the following:

- Local or virtual* running community

- Database of local community members - opportunity to meet up and engage with females in your community with the same level of running and goals as you, so you can have a variety of running buddies to choose from.

- Weekly community run, including a time-trial (compete against yourself only and chase your goals)

- Weekend community run, including a social run and a long run 

- Option to purchase a running license from Running Raspberries for 2021 (at cost price)

- Club exclusive merchandise, including our club shirts

- Membership special pricing for our virtual events and running challenges

*Virtual members (members from far without a local running community) will be added to a group for virtual support. Virtual communities will be added onto a database where they can virtually have weekly community runs and weekend community runs. The virtual members will also have access to a database to see other members in the virtual community, where they are from and their level of running. 


More benefits for our members: 

 - Running analysis (either at our motion lab or virtually on our website) from a motion analysis expert

 - Shoe check-ups (at our motion lab or virtual check-ups on our website)

 - Personalised running programs (first 5km, 10km's, 21km's, half-marathon. marathon) from a sport professional

 - Personalised running programs to prepare for events (such as Two Oceans, Comrades, etc.) from a sports 

 - Conditioning programs individualized to address your needs (run faster, run hills stronger, strengthen calves,
  finish strong and much more) from a sport professional

 - Virtual support options from health care professionals

 - Running nutrition programs available from a dietitian

 - Injury management from a sports physiotherapist

 - Rehabilitation programs for any musculoskeletal problems/injuries

 - Any other injury/advice/need that you might have - running or non-running support 

Medical benefits from our Sports Bodies medical team:

  • - 30% discount for physiotherapy at Sports Bodies™

  • - 30% discount for a nutritional plan from Sports Bodies™

  • - 30% discount for injury management program from Sports Bodies™

  • - 30% discount for conditioning programs from Sports Bodies™

  • - 30% discount for virtual 15 min consultations with Sports Bodies™





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