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We are a supportive fitness community for women of all ages.

With the Running Raspberries everyone runs at their own pace,

strive towards their own goals and support each other along the way.


We aim to make running as pleasurable and safe as possible for every woman out there. We also have local communities through which fellow Berries residing in the same area can do group runs and support each other on a personal level.
















Running alone as a woman, at any time of day, is becoming increasingly dangerous. It is always preferable to run in a larger group of women, even if it is just two ladies running together. This inspired us to find a strategy to make it easier for women to form groups and run together.


Secondly, having someone to train with is much more motivating than having to go through your own fitness journey alone. The idea of having a platform where women

could connect with other women of all ages and fitness levels who have one thing in common – THEY JUST WANT TO RUN – sparked the idea of the Running Raspberries.





The group promotes the inclusion of all women who want to run in a

safe environment, all group members are on the official WhatsApp groups

and have exclusive access to comprehensive running programs ranging from walkers, beginner runners to marathon training.


We also provide advice from a variety of health care professionals to aid in the prevention of injuries and how to create and maintain a healthy active lifestyle.


The Instagram and Facebook pages provide a platform for members to share their accomplishments and testimonials, motivate one another, and ask for advice.


Let us motivate each other to put those running shoes on and give it our 100%, AGAIN!

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